The ANR DynSanté project is a multidisciplinary and experimental research project aimed at studying innovation ecosystems in health technologies
In concrete terms, DynSanté seeks to support a French initiative, driven by a federation of technological and social innovation players in the Medtech, aimed at fostering the emergence of desirable, accessible and viable solutions in the health and autonomy sectors.

Its purpose is to contribute to the development of more agile and inclusive innovation ecosystems, in particular by better integrating end-users (patients, relatives, professionals) in the design and evaluation processes of healthcare solutions.

To achieve this, the research project wishes to analyze, experiment and disseminate new innovation processes based on the notion of “concept maturity”, where the main idea is to share a generic language of the development of an innovative concept according to its maturity level.

Why starting this research project?

The ANR DynSanté project was born from multiple field observations in the Medtech, but also refers to conceptual difficulties in characterizing “innovation ecosystems” in general.

At a practical level, innovation processes in the Medtech are still too often a matter of “experts”, without end-users, thus weakening the appropriation of solutions. This observation, among others, invites to experiment and evaluate new innovation models that are more agile and inclusive.


At a conceptual level, the notion of ecosystem is the subject of much debate, with some criticizing its misleading analogy with biology. Above all, work on community ecosystems is still rare, even though they seem to be well adapted to innovation.

DynSanté’s ambition is therefore to contribute to research by evaluating the extent to which new innovation models, here based on the notion of concept maturity, allow for more agility, inclusion and collaboration in the French Medtech ecosystem.

What are the expected contributions?

At a conceptual level, DynSanté should provide a better understanding of the variety of innovation ecosystem dynamics, as well as the importance of “trusted third parties” in certain ecosystems involving communities, in particular in the Medtech.


At a practical level, DynSanté should contribute to a better integration of end-users, a greater empowerment and a better support to the innovation process, resulting in a mobilization of the civil society on health innovation.


DynSanté should also make it possible to better identify the gaps in a value proposition, to respond efficiently and collaboratively to complex requests, and to continuously monitor the status of a project portfolio in a given territory (maturity, costs, market access).


The aim is to provide the players in a given territory or health care sector, including public and private funders, with greater clarity for more agile and informed decision-making.